1/3 Worm Tea is not something you drink. It is a natural product that is brewed from the worm castings like a sun tea. The nice thing about this product is you don't need a different spray for each type of  pest such as an aphid spray or a cutworm spray, etc. These microbes will attack and eat any bug that gets on your plant.   They won't just eat the bug, they will eat the eggs as well. This means you won't be retreating three days later for the same problem after the eggs hatch. This saves you a lot of money. Also, you can use this product to treat the smaller pests such as white flies and spider mites. You can also use it to treat some of your more difficult problems such as tomato blight, black spot, black mildew and rust, just to name a few.
 Worm Tea is an energy drink for your plants. This is a natural liquid plant food that is completely safe for children and pets and will not contaminate the water system. Worm tea is safe for all plants, flowers, vegetables, seedlings, roses, trees and  provides a shield against harmful garden pests. Worm tea is good for fruiting, flowering or difficult to access potted plants.
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