Deluxe $40

The most popular and most diverse pack we offer. 2 coconut coir brick 2 16oz bottle worm tea concentrate 2 pillow box - large tea bag for making worm tea 2 1 lbs. bag of worm castings
Deluxe Set
This pack is for the DIY purest who would prefer to make worm tea as they need it. Comprised of just the essentials items. Enough castings for approx. 136 potted plants. Also enough worm tea bags for 8 gallons of tea.  4 pillow box - large tea bag for making worm tea 4 1 lbs. bag of worm castings
Basic Set

Basic $28 

This is a planters dream and is the loaded with lots of goodness to get those new plantings ready. 4 coconut coir bricks 2 16 oz bottles worm tea concentrate 2 1 lbs bag worm castings  
Planters Dream

Planters Dream $48

Super Value!
Mega Set packs 5 lbs of castings, 32oz worm tea concentrate, and coconut coir bricks PLUS tea bags to make more worm tea from castings. This is a great buy! 1 5 lbs bag of worm castings 2 16 oz bottles of worm tea concentrate 2 pillow box - large tea bag for making worm tea 2 coconut coir bricks
Mega Buy

Mega Buy $38 

Heavy loader

Heavy loader $38

Big Buy packs a whopping 10 lbs of castings, lots of worm tea concentrate 1 10 lbs bag of worm castings 2 16 oz bottles of worm tea concentrate
Brick & Castings

Brick & Castings $25

Like the name says 1 10 lbs bag of worm castings 1 coconut coir brick
Great Value! Queen Anne

Queen Anne $22

In royal style, this package delivers a queen size bag of castings together with a pair of tea bags 1 10 lbs bag of worm castings 2 pillow box - large tea bag for making worm tea
Med. 1

Med. 1  $29

1 1 lb bag of worm castings 2 pillow box - large tea bag for making worm tea 1 bottle citrus spray 1 16 oz bottle worm tea concentrate 1  coconut coir brick

Medium Box Packs

Med. 2

Med. 2  $22

4 coconut coir brick 2 pillow box - large tea bag for making worm tea
Med. 3

Med. 3 $24

2 1 lb bag of worm castings 1 pillow box - large tea bag for making worm tea 2  coconut coir brick
Med. 4

Med. 4  $12

1 5 lbs bag of worm castings 2 pillow box - large tea bag for making worm tea
Med. 5

Med. 5  $44

2 1 lb bag of worm castings 4 16 oz bottle worm tea concentrate
Med. 6

Med. 6  $24

4 1 lb bags of worm castings
Med. 7

Med. 7 $20

2 1 lb bags of worm castings 2 pillow box - large tea bag for making worm tea 1 bottle citrus spray
BOOK : 9.99
 TURN DIRT INTO DOLLARS With A Worm Farm by Sean Moore


Worm Factory Bin 360

Weight:  15 lbs.     Dimensions:  18" x 18" x 15"
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Available in black, terracotta, and green.

• Includes a comprehensive easy-to-use instructional booklet with photos and illustrations • Bundled with accessory kit including hand rake, scraper and thermometer • Houses eight to twelve thousand worms that consume 5-8lbs of food per week • Year-round production • Odor Free operation • Made in the U.S.A. • Available in black, green, and terracotta • Comes with worm bedding kit to help get you started • Built in leachate collector tray and spigot • Glacial rock dust minerals • 30 year life expectancy • Expandable up to 8 trays • Easy to assemble and manage • 10 year warranty on parts and workmanship • Made with post consumer recycled materials • Comes with “Quick-Tips” lid for easy reference • Also includes instructional DVD!


CultiCave Mini Green House


Rolled up CultiCave
The Culti Cave is a quick, practical solution for extending your growing season for tomatoes, cucumbers, melons, strawberries, salad greens and more! The Culti Cave is made from tough UV plastic so it holds up, even in harsh sunlight. • The Culti Cave’s size is ideal for larger plants, flowers, tomatoes, cucumbers, melons, strawberries, squashes, etc. • It has a sewn-in groundsheet to stop slugs, insects and other garden pests from getting in. • The design allows for a humid growing atmosphere for extensive warm-weather gardening. • The Culti Cave’s mesh panel in the groundsheet allows drainage of spillage when watering. • Quick and easy to install - either wall-mounted or freestanding. • Zipped door panels on both sides for quick and easy access and ventilation. • Modular - two or more units may be zipped together to extend the size. •  An easily maintained, durable wipe clean surface. •  Folds up for easy storage in the off-season.
Culti Cave Mini Greenhouse  - Why the Culti Cave? The Culti Cave allows you to start growing earlier in the spring, and continue growing later into the fall. By extending your growing season, you can produce more food each year and grow heat-loving plants that would otherwise be unable to survive in your climate.  You can pour soil into the base of the Culti Cave and plant directly in it for shallow rooted plants. Many greenhouses are difficult to assemble, space-consuming, and semi-permanent. If you need an easier solution for extending your growing season, the Culti Cave is perfect. It is roomy enough to fit 5.5 ft. tall plants and the door zips open and closed so that you can control the interior environment. Quick and easy to assemble, it folds up for compact storage and includes a tie-down cord, ground anchors and optional wall-mount hardware. The Culti Cave has a door at the rear that can be unzipped, allowing you to connect a second, third or even fourth Culti Cave for expanded growing space. You can make this modular solution as large or small as you want. The Culti Cave’s small footprint means it is ideal for a wide variety of spaces. You can locate it in a back, front, or side yard, even on a patio or deck. It is most effective when located in partial to full sun so that it can transfer the sun’s heat to your plants.
Packed away, the Culti Cave is 21” x 8” x 4” and 6.5’ x 5.5’ x 2.5’ when erected, weighing in at 6.6 lbs.


Self-Watering Garden Container w/ SoilAmendments - Black



The UrBin Grower is a self watering growing system. It can be used anywhere – a patio, balcony, backyard, or even inside during the cold months. The design waters plants from the bottom up. It is compact and portable, made in the USA, construced of highquality plastic, and has a 10 year limited warranty. UrBin Grower Container with Soil Amendments comes with - Comprehensive instruction booklet Quick Start DVD guide for beginners Growing container Soil separators Visible water tray 2 gallons of pumice Set of seed trays 4 gallons of dry coir with trace minerals 1 bag of coir chips 1 brick of coir mulch
Why the UrBin Grower™? The UrBin Grower is a compact self watering organic growing system perfect for the urban family. It can be used anywhere, anytime – a patio, balcony, fire escape, backyard, greenhouse, or even inside during the cold months. Its innovative design allows for portability, yet also encourages a bountiful harvest. By utilizing the Square Foot Gardening Method, the UrBin Grower allows you to grow endless vegetables in a manageable container. The UrBin Grower's unique sub irrigation watering design waters plants the way nature intended from the bottom up. Watering into the UrBin Grower’s visible reservoir allows you to monitor the water much more effectively than in other self‐watering containers, in which you must water through a tube into a hidden reservoir. The soil system wicks moisture up to the roots, drawing nutrients with it. The soil system also air prunes plants to keep the root growth constant and prevent root circling. With the constant exposure to oxygen you no longer need to worry about over‐watering either. The fresh air prunes the tip of the roots which causes them to branch off, creating an even healthier root system. At a Glance With the UrBin Grower, you can grow almost anything, anywhere: tomatoes, peppers, beans, corn, lettuce, herbs, squash, cabbage, onions, strawberries, ornamental plants and much more. The UrBin Grower is a complete kit, including the container, soil separator, and watering tray, an instruction booklet, and a set of seed starter trays. How the UrBin Grower™ works The UrBin Grower is uniquely designed to use capillary action to draw water up through soil and to take the guesswork out of watering. Plants take the water they need out of the visible reservoir. This way, you can see exactly how much or how little water your particular crops desire. This is a healthy, sustainable way to water your plants. As the water is drawn upwards through the soil into the root systems, it delivers essential nutrients to your plants rather than those nutrients being washed away when you water from above. In traditional plastic plant pots, roots grow until they hit the inner edge, and then the roots start circling around the pot.  Roots that are circling around a pot are more susceptible to the negative effects of excess heat, drought and disease. To encourage strong, healthy roots the UrBin Grower utilizes air pruning, a physical technique that keeps root growth from extending beyond its nutrient rich growing media, or circling around its container. This is achieved by exposing the root tips to relatively dry air and stopping their growth. The layer of air between the water in the reservoir and the soil separator, air prunes the plant roots. This stimulates further growth of secondary roots that branch out within the growing medium. More roots means more water and nutrient uptake. Simply place your UrBin Grower container on the watering tray and then place the soil separator in the container. The soil separator ensures that your soil is not saturated and you will never experience root rot. In two corners of your container, the soil will dip down into the water reservoir and wick moisture up to your root systems. Add your preferred soil mix and plant according to seed packet directions. Soil Amendments Add On Most garden soil and potting mixes are not perfect. If your soil has too much clay in it, is too sandy, too stony or too acidic, don't despair. These soil amendments promote plant and soil health, beneficial bacteria, and microbial activity, and will improve your soil. The add-on soil amendments for the UrBin Grower include pumice, chunks of coconut husk (coir), ground coir mixed with trace minerals, and coir mulch. Pumice is a lightweight volcanic rock that is chemically inert and has a high silica content. Pumice provides excellent soil aeration and larger pieces are provided for this purpose in addition to the finely ground particles in the coir mix. Full of microscopic holes, each piece of pumice can hold and release water and nutrients to growing plants over time. Pumice is so durable that you’ll never need to replace it in your potting mix. The chunks of coir provide aeration, excellent wicking and moisture absorption qualities, while the coir mulch prevents weeds and retains moisture on the surface of the soil. Coir provided in the UrBin Grower has been combined with glacial rock dust, olivine and finely ground pumice. They provide your plants (and you) a broad range of trace minerals, including 14 of the body’s essential and minor (trace) minerals needed for optimum physical and mental health—boron, calcium, cobalt, copper, iron, magnesium, manganese, nickel, phosphorus, potassium, selenium, silicon, sodium, and zinc. Simply mix the soil amendments with some good quality garden soil and organic compost, and you have a sustainable soil system that will last for up to 5 years. The UrBin Grower’s soil amendments help you to eat healthier year round. Why are Trace Minerals Important? Both plants and animals, including humans, benefit from a regular supply of trace minerals, which are best transferred to the human body through vegetables grown in soil rich in trace minerals. Today nearly all commercial agriculture land is depleted of trace minerals, due in part to the exclusive use of chemical fertilizers and ground water pollution. By mixing the ground coir with trace minerals into the soil mix for your UrBin Grower and growing your own food, you ensure that those essential nutrients are added back into your diet.
Growing Container Size: 16"x16"x9" Growing Container Volume: 6 gallons Saucer Size: 20"x20"x2" Saucer Water Reservoir Capacity: 1.5 gallons

Coco Coir  10 pc.


What is Coconut Coir? Coconut Coir is a 100% natural by-product of coconut harvesting, done using sustainable methods in India and Sri Lanka.  It is a sustainable alternative to peat moss and is used in the same gardening capacity.  Coir consists of the coarse fibers extracted from the husk on the outer shell of a coconut. Once considered useless, coir is increasingly used as a growing medium by commercial greenhouse operations. Because of its superior water holding capacity, excellent air space and drainage, coir is useful in modern hydroponics and as a soil amendment for potted plants, containers and gardens. Coir is superior to peat moss and rock wool for structural stability, water absorption, drainage and doesn’t decompose as quickly lasting longer in your soil. When coir is included as a soil amendment, your plants require less fertilizers, develop more elaborate and stronger root systems, and are more resistant to disease, pathogens and weeds.
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